Manjushree Foundation

Purpose and Activity of The Manjushree Hermitage

The Manjushree Foundation operates the Manjushree Hermitage which offers traditional Tibetan Buddhism in a western context. We are located in Michigan City, IN. Visitors are welcome to join in weekly Shamatha (calm abiding) meditations as well as periodic Tibetan Vajrayana meditation practices including the Sadhana’s of Manjushree, Mahakala and Chenrezig. Special events will be scheduled on auspicious days in accordance with the Tibetan lunar calendar, including ritual practices on full moon and new moon days, Tibetan New Year (Losar), Buddha Shakyamuni’s birthday and day of enlightenment, and others.

Buddhist Lamas and Rinpoche visits will provide opportunities for practitioners to receive refuge and empowerment. In addition to these teachings, Lamas may lead practitioners in more elaborate pujas.

The Kagyu lineage is an established and authentic lineage that has upheld teachings since the time of the historical Buddha. A careful selection of authentic teachings on meditation and philosophy includes commentaries to help us understand and apply their profound meanings to our lives.


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